The 4th blog of "Business Development in the US for Japanese Companies"

The 4th theme for our blog is "Business Development in the US for Japanese Companies.” In our blog, A-Lex discusses How to effectively PR your business in the US.


A good example of using numbers and data to push out the full benefits of the product



Many of us are having a hard time getting hold of a right person over the phone as most companies encourage their employees to work from home.

Point 1. Through Investors’ Eyes, Not Your Company’s
Ex.) Website, Corporate Brochure, etc.
JPN companies: First page is filled with “who we are” info
US companies: Advantages for clients first comes on the top page
The biggest difference between Japanese and US companies in their sales materials is what information comes first. On the landing page of their website or first page of their company brochure, many Japanese companies try to prove their identity by providing president’s greetings, corporate history, etc. US companies, on the other hand, first demonstrate what kind of advantages and merits their products/services can offer.

Point 2. Use Data and Figures to Visualize the Benefits
Ex.) Product Catalogs:
It is most recommended to provide the viewers with the features of the products/services, comparisons with competitors, etc. on the very first page.

These are the actions startup or small-/mid-size companies from Japan should take to approach large companies in the U.S. Past records and connections with someone from the target companies can come in handy, but they are not as advantageous in the U.S. as they are in Japan.

U.S. companies are always on the lookout for new technologies and improvement.
Business opportunities will definitely arise when they are more interested in the products/services than in the company scale, history, and number of employees.